Diversity mindsets drive rewarding workplaces and enhance bottom lines

Soo Peer Associates is a strategy consulting and coaching firm that helps organizations build an authentic path to diversity. We support leaders and teams to nurture and value a diversity mindset – the ultimate transformational force in advancing a pervasive diversity culture.

Today, it is a given reality that robust diversity and inclusion strategies in the workplace produce competitive advantages in innovations, talent recruitment and development, employee retention, and bottom-line results.

Therefore, virtually every company has invested much time and effort to create a more heterogeneous workforce. But casting a wider net for demographics will not in itself materialize into desired outcomes.


Changing approaches. Propelling success.

Many current strategies fall short because they exert too much focus on statistical metrics while failing to change mindsets and foster core human connections. It is mindsets that drive attitudes, actions, and outcomes.

Building a diversity mindset that permeates all facets of an organization – structures, systems, staffing, and culture – creates a workplace with open dialogues, trust, and esprit de corps. In this atmosphere, every person is made to feel that they belong, which leads to greater productivity and employee retention. A diversity mindset is the synergistic force in realizing returns on the diversity and inclusion policies and programs that are already in place.

It is changes in individual perspectives – more than systems or compliance measures – that ultimately yield visible and sustainable diversity and business results. We believe an open and inclusive work environment is the most powerful force to boost productivity, collaboration, and fulfillment.

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