Soo Bong Peer brings to her clients a blend of senior-level experience in global marketing, business development, and executive coaching, as well as a multicultural upbringing and mindset. Soo is also a writer with a keen interest in diversity and race relations.

Having experienced firsthand the wide polarities in cultures, people, social statuses, and political regimes, Soo has always pondered the question, “Why does our perception of differences outweigh our perception of similarities?”

The most important lesson Soo learned through her journey of living in the diverse cultures of South Korea, Mexico, England, Japan, and the United States is that it is through our humanity that we connect. No matter how different people might look or speak, we all have the same basic human needs and desires – regardless of culture, race, or socioeconomic class. Seeing and connecting beyond external differences is the foundation for building a world of pervasive diversity.

Constructing diversity programs that employees embrace and buy into is one of the most vexing issues facing businesses today. For over twenty-five years during her U.S. corporate career, Soo acutely experienced many conflicts arising from diversity issues. In an environment with bottom-line pressures, racial preferential treatments, enforced diversity mandates, differing cultures and mindsets, and human emotions, it’s not difficult to understand why we’re confronting diversity challenges. Our lack of progress suggests it’s time to rethink how we confront these challenges.

Soo is passionate about advancing pervasive diversity and inclusion. And she believes we must broaden our horizons to search for alternate ways to achieve our diversity goals in a sustainable way. Her approach hinges upon advancing the forces that nurture human connection and unity while reducing those that erect mental and physical separations that divide and discriminate.

Soo earned an MBA from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia; a master’s degree in biochemistry from Boston University Medical Center; and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from College of Notre Dame of Maryland. In addition, she has a Leadership Coaching Certification from Georgetown University and is International Coach Federation certified.

Companies Soo has been affiliated with as an employee, strategy consultant, or executive coach include: Bell Canada; Booz, Allen & Hamilton; CNN/Turner; Comsat; ExxonMobil; Global One (Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Sprint Alliance); IBM; Inter-American Development Bank; Leo Burnett Worldwide; Mars; MetLife HealthCare; and Ogilvy & Mather.

Soo and her husband have two grown children, and they split their time between New York City and Park City, Utah. Soo enjoys volunteer activities that help change lives for the better, especially for underprivileged women and children.

What people say about Soo

  • Soo, it never occurred to me labeling is a biased thought … I thought I was promoting diversity … You helped me to see things from a different light.

    HR Executive U.S. Health Insurance Company
  • You helped us to raise awareness of what’s the most pivotal driver in this rapidly growing wireless world with a myriad of products – the needs of PEOPLE ... understanding what they really want and need.

    Senior Partner A major global strategy consulting firm
  • You did it, Soo! This was one of the most difficult tasks - developing a worldwide brand strategy by bringing together teams with diverse goals and motivations.

    Executive Vice President A global alliance among three of the largest multinationals in France, Germany and the U.S.
  • You helped me to see how habitually I make assumptions about people. … It never occurred to me take a pause and ask what others may think or feel. … I feel empowered to change and lead people better.

    Owner, Large medical practice and a high-tech startup
  • Soo, I feel I am a different person. I feel freer and more expansive – I can breathe easier. I am learning it’s not my head only that helps me to be a better leader – it’s my heart and my head.

    Senior Global Operations Executive Fortune 100 company
  • I will be a better person for having worked with you.

    First-draft editor “A Foreigner Within: Connecting Beyond Labels and Political Correctness to Build an Authentic Path to Diversity”
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