In collaboration with our clients, we help organizations build and develop diversity mindsets that embolden acceptance of differences in a trusting and open atmosphere.

Diversity Mindset Building Path

Every organization is unique, with varying needs. We tailor our offerings to align with our clients’ visions, goals, strategies, employee composition, competitive business environments, and geographic scopes. Our aim is to balance enforcement and voluntary embracement.

We work with you to assess, explore, and incorporate critical human elements to make bold and practical changes that encourage broader perspectives, mindset shifts, and behavioral changes.


Key Step – Understanding Your Employees

The most compelling measure of diversity success is how your employees feel about the diversity practiced in their work life. Without their full engagement, it’s impossible to achieve solid results.

To foster diversity mindsets, we start by uncovering unspoken feelings and attitudes toward your organization’s diversity programs. We learn, through an anonymous survey, critical insights such what diversity means to your employees, how your diversity practices affect them, and what changes they want.


Integrating the Human Elements

Our approach to designing diversity strategies and programs is built around your employees’ feelings, attitudes, needs, and voices. Otherwise, your diversity endeavors will foster a culture embedded with silent resentments, fears, and resistance.

We work with you to develop diversity strategies that address both changes in systems and changes in people.

Diversity Mindset Development

Shaping an organization’s diversity framework and culture begins at the top. Working closely with leaders, we examine and raise awareness of mindsets and behaviors. We help broaden their perspectives and shift ingrained patterns to increase their capacity to inspire and lead.


Broadening the Leadership Lens

The actions of leaders – ordinary humans with extraordinary accountabilities – are far more powerful than any rules of conduct in an employee handbook. Leaders set the tone and their thoughts, lens, and behavior directly influence their organization’s diversity.

Yet, facing and acknowledging flaws and weaknesses is among the most difficult human traits. We help leaders find the courage to face their inner world and make the commitment to change and grow.


Expanding Cross-Cultural Agility – An Integral Part of Diversity Mindsets

Cross-cultural agility, an extension of one’s relational agility, helps people bridge gaps and connect with others. In today’s multicultural world, this ability is crucial to advance diversity mindsets and business success. To attain cross-cultural agility, people must understand that there may be distinct differences in cultures; but not in being human.

This mindset immediately opens the human space to connect and deepens a person’s capacity to respect differences. At the organizational level, it is about instilling a sense of a connected whole in the pursuit of collective goals.

We work with individuals and teams to explore and raise awareness of the barriers and bridges to cross-cultural relationships, and to cultivate expanded perspectives that augment cross-cultural agility.

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