Diversity Mindsets

Diversity is a mindset: It can’t be forced; it must come from within. True change happens in the mind, and our philosophy is that by changing the way that differences are viewed and accepted, we can change the way we look at diversity.

Many people tend to link diversity programs to labels, quotas and political correctness – all of which only end up creating more divisions. A diversity mindset, however, propagates a lens of openness and acceptance.

Our approach to building an authentic path to diversity calls for helping people change the way they view diversity so that human connections will transcend differences and collaborations will occur voluntarily.

With this pervading mindset, an organization can move from an “enforcement” framework to a “voluntary” one, and transform from an “obligatory” diversity culture to a “want to” diversity culture. Interactions spurred by this kind of mental framework create an environment where trust prevails over distrust and where people unite rather than divide.

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